1. The organizing entity of the raffle is VIRTUAL AND REAL MANAGEMENT SL with ID-ESB02641975 which will be governed by these legal bases.

2. Raffle date: In the first quarter of 2023. (Match date/time will be defined by EUROLEAGUE.)

3. The rights associated with ALL the NFT´s that participate in this draw will be assigned to the persons/entities that own the NFT at the time of the draw.

4. The price will never be exchanged for money and is non-transferable.

5. The associated costs of the prize will be assumed by the NFT owner.

6. The communication of the prize will be via email.

7. The selection of the NFT winners will be made by using and specific external software and will always be random.

8. If anomalies and irregularities are detected or there is suspicion that any NFT owner fails to comply with the Legal Bases of the Draw or performs any act that may alter the normal operation of the Draw, harm another NFT owner, VRM reserves the right to exclude the offending NFT owner from the Draw.